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If your child has special needs, you need a dentist with expert training and experience. Steve Hernandez, DDS, and Angie Hernandez, DDS, at Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry, in Austin, Texas, provide expert specialized dental care to ensure your child receives the dental care they need. Call Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry to make an appointment today!

Special Needs Q&A

What is special needs dentistry?

The dentists at Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry offer comprehensive dental care for all children, including those who are differently-abled or have special health care needs. If you have a child who has special needs, the dentists have specialized training to help your child feel comfortable and confident while in the dentist’s chair. Whether your child has trouble sitting still, heightened anxiety, or sensitivity to light, textures, sounds, or smells, Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry can help. 

For example, children who have physical, developmental, cognitive, sensory, or mental impairments might need a special approach to ensure they feel comfortable. The dentists ensure children with special needs are able to get the dental treatment they need, including cleanings, checkups, and other specialized dental procedures. 

How does a dentist help a child with special needs feel comfortable?

In addition to providing gentle and compassionate dental care, Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry offers a variety of sedation options. Additionally, the office is designed to help children of all abilities to feel comfortable and relaxed. 

What are the available types of sedation?

Often children with special needs benefit from sedation dentistry. Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry offers a variety of sedation options to help your child stay relaxed and comfortable during their dental treatment. 

Nitrous oxide

Sometimes called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a gas that helps your child feel relaxed. They wear a small mask during their treatment that allows them to inhale the gas. The effects wear off quickly when the dental procedure is over, and the dentist removes the mask.

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is an intravenous medication that puts your child into a deeply relaxed state. The dentists at Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry have specialized training in administering conscious sedation to children and can calibrate the precise dose needed. 

Outpatient anesthesia

If your child needs to be completely sedated for dental treatments, the dentists provide outpatient anesthesia dental care at St. David's HealthCare, Ascension, and Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas.

Call Central Texas Pediatric Dentistry to make an appointment today, and to learn more about the dental care options available for children who have special needs and how the dentists can serve your family.